My Mum and Dad got married in 1963.

Like every bride, my Mum looked amazing in her stunning wedding gown. Typical of many brides in the 60's she gave her dress away, leaving only their wedding photos as a memory to pass onto us.

When I was just 24, the unthinkable happened, the most important woman in my life, my inspiration passed away.

I was heartbroken.


Having my Mum's wonderful wedding dress to hold would mean the world to me now. Not a day passes that I don't sincerely regret a missed opportunity to preserve her legacy by turning her wedding dress into a christening robe.

In my mind it would have been a way of connecting us forever through a timeless heirloom unique to our family.

A seed had been sown

She did however leave behind her fantastic dress making skills, instilling in me an exciting passion for sewing, a gift I cherish and hold dear. I know I'm a romantic but the love that surrounds wedding gowns always fascinated me.

From the first time you set eyes on the perfect dress, walking up the aisle, to celebrating your special day with family and friends. Wedding gowns are not just pieces of cloth, they are creators of memories.

Unfortunately after that special day most of us pack our memories away in a box never to be seen again.


christening generations gowns family heirlooms - hand made in Ireland

My passion

I am determined to share my passion with others through my work.

By customizing a bridal gown into a Christening Robe I believe in some small way it will preserve memories to pass on.

Future generations should have the opportunity to hold your beautiful wedding gown in their arms.

By wrapping your unique memories of love not only around your children, but their children too, this precious gift will preserve your legacy for future generations to cherish.


christening generations creating christening gowns from your wedding robe - hand made in Ireland
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