I want to convert my Wedding dress into a heirloom Christening gown?

That's no problem, I can help.

Do you use all my Wedding dress to make my heirloom Christening gown?

Not necessarily, if your dress is full length with a train, I will make your heirloom Christening gown using the lower part of your dress leaving the top intact.

Do you keep what is left if any of my Wedding dress?

No. I return absolutely everything to you.

If I don’t have a Wedding dress can I still have a heirloom Christening gown made?

Absolutely. There are endless ways of making your heirloom Christening gown. You can use your Communion dress or your Mum’s Wedding dress or veil. Alternatively, you can have your own heirloom Christening gown made from new.

Do you have a set of designs you use?

No. Every gown I make is unique taking inspiration from your dress.

How will I know what my Christening gown is going to look like?

When I have your Wedding dress, I will arrange to call you to discuss design option and ideas, then I sketch up a design plan for you. During the making process, I will send you photos so you can see exactly what it looks like in reality.

What if I don’t want a heirloom Christening gown, are there any other options?

Absolutely, you can have a Christening romper suit, Christening coat, dress or any other ideas you may have.

What about bonnets, booties, hairbands etc?

Yes of course, accessories to match your heirloom Christening gown or outfit are possible.

How long does it usually take to make my heirloom Christening gown?

Typically, 4 to 8 weeks.

How do I get my dress to you? Do I need to travel to see you?

No need to travel to see me. You can register post or courier your dress to me. However, you are welcome to make an appointment to see me in person if you prefer.

How much roughly does it cost?

The cost of your making your heirloom Christening gown starts at €350. This includes design plan, making, cotton lining and storage box to keep it in.

Does my Wedding dress need to be dry cleaned before you turn it into a heirloom Christening gown?

There is no need to have your dress dry cleaned. If it has marks on it or needs to be freshened up, I can look after that for you.

How will I know what size gown I need for my baby?

I will discuss sizing with you before I start your gown as it will depend on roughly how old your baby will be when your Christening is arranged. All the gowns I make have enough room to move the buttons on the back in or out so you will always have flexibility.

How will my heirloom Christening gown be returned to me?

Your heirloom Christening gown along with the remainder of your dress will be returned to by courier. Your gown will be presented in a recycled boxed with acid free paper to keep it in.

How do I make payment?

Upon completion of your heirloom Christening gown payment is made by bank transfer.

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