cutting up your wedding dress

Cutting up that Wedding Dress

It’s kind of a big deal! Right?

Have you thought about or considered cutting up your Wedding dress and making it into something else? It’s kind of a big deal! Right? I have been cutting up Wedding dresses for years and I totally understand how big a decision it is to make. When months and months of Wedding plans and dress shopping for that perfect dress, after your big day you really don’t want to part with it. Here are some thoughts that may help you in making that decision when the time comes.

When your Wedding day is fairly recent your dress is still very much a part of all the planning and celebrations. It’s a very emotional attachment. Over the years you get to a point where you realise you will never wear it again. If you have children, maybe they would wear it when they get married. Would you have wanted to wear your own Mum’s dress? Your Mum may have her dress boxed away somewhere or maybe you played dress up in it when you were young. It’s a shame to have something so important to you boxed away in the dark somewhere. Imagine creating something unique and beautiful to pass on in the future.

Modern day Wedding dresses usually are long length with a train and plenty of fabric. The great thing about making it into a family heirloom Christening gown is your dress gets to be used over and over again and hopefully in the future your Grandchildren and great Grandchildren will also be wearing it. If you have a little girl and are going to have a communion in the future that is always an option for your wedding dress also.

Another possibility, your christening gown most often can be made using the lower part of your Wedding dress leaving the top of your dress intact. You could also add a new skirt to the top and wear it for a special anniversary. I have done this for many customers over the years.

You don’t have to be married yourself, you may have your Mum’s or your Grandmother’s Wedding dress or veil that you want to use. It could be your own Communion dress. Your heirloom Christening gown can be designed and made using any piece of clothing or embroidery that is hugely sentimental to you.

If you have got something precious don’t leave it packed away somewhere for years and years. Give it a new lease of life and give the opportunity of passing on your family legacy to your future generations.

christening generations - cutting up your wedding dress
christening generations - cutting up your wedding dress
christening generations - cutting up your wedding dress
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