christening generations sewing gift

Inherited Gift

What is your special gift or skill?

I am incredibly lucky. I was born with a wonderful talent and have developed it over time into a skill. That talent and skill is sewing. I started sewing at an incredibly young age, before I started school. My mother sewed and knitted. I can knit too. My love of sewing has been with me all my life and I am forever grateful for the gift I have.

It’s good to use your talent and skill. Often people say to me, I can’t sew! There are lots of things I can’t do so find what you are good at and work on that. We can’t all be good at the same thing. That would be pointless!

I decided to specialise in making heirloom christening gowns from wedding dresses, communion dresses or anything that is sentimental to my clients. I call it a curator of memories.

It is a wonderful feeling being able to design and create something so unique and personal to people. Helping them to pass on their legacy to their future generations with a beautiful heirloom christening gown. When loved ones have passed away, they are a missing piece at all family celebration times. Having a connection with loved ones incorporating their special wedding dress, communion dress or some other outfit into a gown for your family helps keep their spirit alive in years to come. An opportunity to pass on your legacy.

christening generations sewing gift
christening generations sewing gift
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